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Harrod Outdoors LLC

Harrod Outdoors LLC is a small outdoor video production business owned by Richy and Vicki Harrod and established in 2009. Our family has been videotaping outdoor activities as long as there have been hand-held video cameras. Producing professional videos was a long-time goal, which has become a reality. Now, we proudly produce an award-winning television series called The Northwest Outdoorsmen and a wild game cooking show, Harrod's Cookhouse Field to Table. Our goal is spectacular visual storytelling—a unique, exciting, and compelling brand of program combining adventure and human interest right here in the Pacific Northwest. The Northwest Outdoorsmen relates to the average outdoor sportsmen and outdoor enthusiast because it is about the average sportsmen doing what most sportsmen do; hunting or fishing on their own in the great Pacific Northwest!

In addition, Harrod Outdoors produces promotional or informational videos for websites, informational DVDs, or television commercials. Harrod Outdoors captures video in spectacular high definition and has the ability to produce video products in a variety of formats.  In addition, we have access to thousands of tracks of production quality music which can create the right mood or feeling for each video production.

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